Kubota R530 and R630 Compact Wheel Loader Product Overview

Kubota R530 and R630 Compact Wheel Loaders

Kubota’s redesigned R Series compact wheel loaders are packed with new options and features to perform a variety of applications including loading mulch to moving round bales and pushing snow. The R Series loader is available in two models, both of which can come with a factory installed full cab. The R530 comes in at under five tons and has a Kubota 48 horse power motor. Its larger sibling, the R630, is over five tons and has an operating capacity of 3500 pounds. Both loaders are outfitted with operator friendly controls, comfortable pilot seats, and folding panels for easy access to all engine related components.

Both the R530 and R630 have electronic hydrostatic transmissions with high and low ranges. The R630 goes a step further and has five selectable speed ranges and four operating modes making the machine highly versatile to meet different operating conditions. The Kubota R Series loaders come standard with one joystick control to operate the loader and the direction of travel so the operator does not need to take his hand off of the steering wheel or loader control in order to shift from forward to reverse. The machine’s speed control is also located on the loader control joystick. Another feature that is available for the R530 and R630 is a hydraulic quick connect mounting plate for attachments. When paired with this option, the operator can switch from a bucket to forks without leaving the cab. The R630 also comes with the ability to run the hydraulic flow for implements separate from the main system. This is convenient for anyone interested in running a sweeper or compactor on the loader. With all the features the Kubota R Series loaders come with, operation can sound overwhelming, yet Kubota has arranged the cab controls in a manner that makes it easy to learn and operate the machine.

Townline Equipment Kubota R530 and R630 Compact Wheel Loaders

Kubota has also put some time into the overall layout and design of their wheel loaders making certain aspects easier to access while maintaining a small profile. The engine compartment has a single fold up hatch allowing access to the fuel system, oil filter, and hydraulic pump. On the left side of the machine is a compartment that houses the battery and has space for storage of pins, chains, or tools. The right side compartment is where you will find all of your fuses, relays, and the electrical panel. Both compartments are lockable and use the same key as the ignition. An added benefit to Kubota’s cab design is the ability to recirculate the cab air or bring in outside air. From the operators seat there is a switch that the operator can pull when operating in dusty conditions to stop the dirty air from entering the cab. Kubota has preserved the operator’s rear visibility while increasing the overall size of the machine by locating the operator’s seat towards the rear of the machine and sloping the rear engine compartment.

If you work in landscaping, construction, snow removal or agriculture, the Kubota R530 and R630 wheel loaders are a well designed compact wheel loader that can add capacity, flexibility and operational efficiency to your operation. If you’d like to learn more about the Kubota R Series wheel loaders, don’t hesitate to give us a call or come visit to let us know about your business and the specific work tasks you’re looking to accomplish.

Recap of Key Features

  • Hydrostatic transmission with 5 speeds and 4 modes
  • One control lever for all loader functions and directional movement (forward/reverse controls)
  • Hydraulic quick attach operated from the cab, no need to get out when changing from forks to bucket
  • Independent speed control for hydraulic flow to attachments
  • Compact rear engine compartment reducing blind spots behind the machine and increasing overall visibility
  • Battery and fuse panel have independent side compartments making easy access for maintenance
  • Battery compartment also doubles as a storage area for pins, chains and tools
  • Lift height of 10’, operating capacity over 1 ½ tons, 1 yard bucket capacity, operating weight of 5 tons.
  • Air for the cab can be selected between outside air/recirculated, reduces dusty conditions/ fogged glass

A Kubota compact wheel loader dealer in Plainfield NH and Pittsford VT, Townline Equipment sells and services a large variety of equipment including tractors, construction equipment, farming equipment, landscaping equipment, zero turn lawn mowers, snowblowers and a vast assortment of tractor implements and construction attachments. 

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