Winter Solutions: The Kubota B2650 Compact Tractor

The Kubota B2650 compact tractor is designed to fit the needs of families and small farm owners who require a compact tractor that can handle a demanding work load through all seasons.  In order to help folks fight through those New England winters, the B2650 has the capability of being that year-round tractor with its subframe attachment system. When a B2650 is equipped with a quick attach subframe, the tractor can operate a front mounted snow blower or hydraulic angling snow plow. Having the implements in front makes it easier for the operator to control the attachments in tight areas or long driveways. Unlike conventional rear mounted snow blowers, front mounted snow blowers do not require the operator to have their neck turned for an extended duration which eliminates operator fatigue and poor efficiency.

If a front mounted snow blower is outside of the budget and you need a way to remove snow, and do not have restrictions on where to put that snow, a snow plow can be a great choice. There are two options when picking a front mounted plow. A loader mounted plow is the quickest and easiest way to install a front mounted plow on your tractor. The second option, the quick attach subframe snow plow, is more compact than a loader mounted snow plow making it easier to store inside, operate in tight areas, and see from the operator’s platform.

The B2650 is flexible so you can have the ability to use a loader in the spring, summer and fall seasons and still be able to use your subframe implements in the winter. When you are ready to mount your blower or quick attach plow, you detach your loader and set it off to the side. Then you can drive over the subframe attachment and hook it onto the tractor. The ability to have two front end systems on one tractor is a great solution for families or small farms that only have the need and room for one tractor to handle work during all seasons.

If you want to learn more about the B2650 Kubota compact tractor or any of our other snow equipment solutions, feel free to reach out to the sales team at either of our stores. We’ll be happy to talk through your winter needs and offer some suggestions on what equipment would be the best fit for taking care of your property or helping with your commercial snow removal operation.


As a Kubota compact and utility tractor dealer in Plainfield NH and Pittsford VT, Townline Equipment sells and services a large variety of equipment including tractors, construction equipment, farming equipment, landscaping equipment, zero turn lawn mowers, snowblowers and a vast assortment of tractor implements and construction attachments. 

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One thought on “Winter Solutions: The Kubota B2650 Compact Tractor

  1. The picture and the video showing B2650 working through lots of snow indicates its strength to operate in extreme weather and nothing is more extreme in our country than winter when snow and rain are a norm and to work through this is definitely a challenge. This seems to be a very nice and sturdy equipment.


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